Origami is the perfect hobby for a lot of people since building it is fun and cheap. There are a lot of paper you can choose from if you wish to build such a structure. Sometimes, it is tough to conclude on the perfect paper to select. I will discuss some guidelines on how to go about choosing an origami paper for your artistic endeavour.

There are some three basic rules that you should always keep in mind. The paper you select must be square, be able to hold a crease and keep the shape that it has been crafted into. On top of this, there are some other factors that you need to look at to allow you to get your desired outcome depending on the project.


Your project may require a thin or thick origami paper at origami.me/diagrams/. Thin papers have thickness measurements of around seventy grams per square meter which are quite helpful when it comes to complicated models. Thin papers can hold a lot of folds in one origami structure. On the other hand, thick papers are very suitable for a structure that needs to be durable and last for some time. If you desire to build a giant origami, you will require big sized papers so keep that in mind when going to the store for one. And if you need a robust and big origami, then you must make sure that you shop for a large thick paper. It is better to get larger papers for complex origami models.

You can also make a selection between either smooth or textured origami paper. Since the soft ones are much easier to use and fold, they are recommended for beginners. Experienced individuals can use textured paper designs to create intricate designs. Authentic washi paper is commonly used by those people who have some considerable experience in the field and can create fascinating models from the textured material. Washi paper is also a good option for wet folding. Know more facts about origami at http://www.huffingtonpost.comtopicorigami.



There are single sided and double-sided origami flower papers. Single sided papers can either be coloured or just plain. On the other hand, double sided papers can be coloured on one side and lack colour on the other side. These are great variables for individuals who which to incorporate some colour shadings on their origami. They can select the type they want depending on the pattern they width to produce. There are also matte or foil as well as coloured or patterned origami paper. All these options are available for selecting an origami paper, and it is up to you to settle on the preferred one.